The CEREC restorative system allows the restoration of decaying teeth or defective fillings with an all ceramic crown or veneer in just one appointment.

CEREC is an acronym for “Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic.” This is an advanced dental restorative system that allows Dr. Hewlett to restore decayed teeth or defective fillings with an all ceramic crown or veneer in just one appointment. The system uses CADA (computer assisted design) technology. This allows you to have the highest quality, most lifelike permanent dental restoration in just one visit. With the traditional method of fabricating a crown or veneer the patient would require two visits. During the first visit the tooth is prepared, an impression taken, and a temporary would be placed. The temporary does not fit or insulate the tooth like a permanent restoration, often resulting in an increase in sensitivity. It may take a couple of weeks to have the permanent crown or veneer made and during that time the patient may be uncomfortable with the temporary, or the temporary may be easily lost since it is only placed with temporary cement. Why put up with a temporary and have to go to the dentist a second time when with CEREC the procedure is done in a single appointment, start to finish. A CEREC restoration isn’t just convenient, it is also healthy. With CEREC we can use strong tooth-colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function. Also, the materials are chemically bonded to the tooth, so Dr. Hewlett can save as much healthy tooth as possible while providing you with a dental restoration that strengthens your tooth. In summary, with CEREC technology, Dr. Hewlett can restore damaged teeth or enhance your smile with biocompatible, tooth-colored materials in a single appointment