Anesthetic Free Fillings

People can be easily put off by large anesthetic needles and the noise of the drill during their dental treatments, but now, new laser technology allows for anesthetic-free fillings. Small, precise lasers let us drill cavities and repair teeth without the standard dental instruments and without the use of anesthetics. With no shots and no drills, the first and most significant impact of this technology comes in the form of increased patient comfort.

Other benefits of Anesthetic Free Fillings include patients being able to undergo several treatments in one visit and by using a laser, we are able to preserve more of the surrounding tooth structure. Another benefit to this new technology is the elimination of the uncomfortable numbness and waiting period after a procedure. The laser also creates a better bonding surface on the tooth, so the filling lasts longer.

While lasers have many benefits, they also have a few limitations. Traditional drilling is still required to remove old silver fillings or prepare a tooth for a crown or a bridge. And while drills are still faster than lasers for cutting through enamel and dentin, time is saved since the patient doesn’t have to wait for an anesthetic to take effect.